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Aim HIGH with a brokerage that has unlimited GROWTH potential so you can finally create the LIFE you deserve!

The traditional brokerage is designed to benefit those at the top. They have glass ceilings that prevent most agents from achieving financial freedom... until eXp Realty came along and changed everything.

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Phil Hahn + Randy Dyck

We're top 1% agents, 20+ years in the game, and we're helping the next generation of top talent climb to the top. More about us later...


Maybe you're sick and tired of:

Bottom line is, traditional brokerages are limiting your potential... and some agents are okay with having a simple, modest career. But for agents with bigger ambitions, it's time to break free of those shackles.

Here's how eXp Realty is re-shaping the traditional brokerage.

eXp Realty is a global community that is designed, powered, and owned by our agents and partners, transforming the real estate experience. We empower our agents with equity + stock awards, supplemental income opportunities, world-class education + technology, and strategic partnerships. We have experienced explosive growth, which is only made possible by the explosive growth of our agents' individual businesses.

eXp Realty removes the middle man.

The traditional brokerage model is like a castle... the brand owner lives in the top penthouse, the regional owner in the second top-floor, then the franchise owner, the team leaders, and finally the agents on the ground floor... as an agent, you have to ask yourself: "How do I become an owner?"

Because let’s face it, real financial success comes from ownership... and even if you call your real estate operation a business, at the end of the day you can’t sell it. So where's your future financial upside?

eXp Realty is like Uber to the Taxi industry. We flipped the old model on its head by removing the middle-men, benefiting those who are actually responsible for company growth: agents. Our model simply aligns incentives for everyone, ensuring we all get a piece of the pie.

How you receive ownership, extra income, and future financial upside:

* In some cases, agents’ equity in eXp Realty has grown to 7-figure values you can earn yourself a nice retirement plan.

** In fact, 50% of all revenue is redistributed back to eXp agents.

World-Class Education

50+ hours of live training each week with virtual classrooms led by leading experts.

Innovative Technology

Virtual cloud-campus, and software for lead gen, transaction management, content marketing, advertising, and more.

Fair Fees

Keep 80-100% of your commissions and enjoy a low $16,000 company cap. No desk fees. No royalty fees. No franchise fees.

Live Support Team

eXp’s live support team is available around the clock to get agents’ systems and tools up and running.

You might be thinking...

"This is great, but it's a big scary endeavor that I'm unsure how to navigate..."

Chances are, you like what eXp offers, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this; but you’re also unsure about leaving your current situation, how to navigate the transition to eXp, and how you can properly take advantage of eXp’s systems, training, and unique opportunities to reach financial freedom faster.

It’s a BIG opportunity that requires BIG change and BIG action. But what if it didn’t have to be such a big scary endeavor? This is where we step in...

“My only regret is that I didn’t listen to Phil Hahn when he advised me to start a career in real estate ten years ago. I used to coach his boys in hockey, and now he’s coaching me to be a leader in local real estate.”
Thomas Kala
Top Realtor

About us

Phil Hahn

Phil Hahn didn’t become a top 1% REALTOR® by following the status quo and sticking to the same old script. He did it by recognizing opportunities, creating connections, and giving 110% to every client, every day. Unsatisfied with being the best of the best, Phil sought new challenges and discovered eXp Realty. After reviewing the numbers and long-term strategy, he recognized the fledgling brokerage’s potential and joined them as a mentor. Using the tools, processes, and advanced technology of eXp, Phil is actively working with high-performing real estate agents worldwide to help them succeed in their business and excel in their market.

Randy Dyck

Randy has been a top producing realtor for over 27 years in his local real estate board, involved in ownership, sales, investing, and most importantly, client care. Over the past 18 years he has developed and led one of the country's most successful real estate teams, averaging more than 300 transactions per year. He was most recently named one of the top 200 agents in the nation. Randy’s passion, knowledge, and commitment to Real Estate shines through when serving clients, speaking at events, and coaching up-and coming real estate agents.

A Strategic Mentorship Duo

Randy and Phil are now top 1% eXp agents dominating their local markets. They both started from the bottom just like you, they’ve almost definitely been where you are currently, and they paved their own way to success through many trials and tribulations.

They have also been through the transition to eXp, have experienced the HUGE benefits of doing so, and have mastered how to make use of eXp’s systems to build thriving businesses and lifestyles for themselves and their families.

Randy and Phil have reached the point in their lives and careers where they WANT to give back by mentoring the next generation of up and coming real estate agents.

Mentoring is what fuels them these days. It’s exhilarating for them to simply provide guidance based on their own failures, successes, and insights, and then sit back and watch as their mentees go on to build massive wealth for themselves! We want you to become our next successful mentee.


Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!


Hear from Realtors we've sponsored into eXp Realty...

"On the financial side, eXp Realty makes sense for me and my family. It took over six months of serious consideration because I was skeptical of the promises I was hearing about eXp, as well as the trash-talking that was going around other brokerages. When I sat down and looked at the whole package, the stock rewards, payment structure, and lack of brokerage fees meant my family could keep more of what we earn, but it was the technology that really sold me on the cloud-based realty concept. Resources, like kvCore and IDX and lead-capture integration for my website, supported by the training and mentorship from gurus like Phil Hahn, means I’ll have everything I need to help my clients buy or sell their homes quickly and easily."
Ian Fraser
Top Realtor
"Ian has developed remarkably well as a REALTOR® since he first got his license two years ago. He’s phenomenal at putting his clients at ease, so they can be comfortable throughout the process, and his passion and focus on marketing — enhanced by the tools and resources made possible through eXp Realty — will help him become a top performer in no time."
Phil Hahn
... on Ian Fraser
“I chose eXp Realty because of the mentorship and guidance they offer. I’m extremely grateful for the overwhelming support and assistance I’ve received from Glen Sanford and Darren Jacklin, and the opportunity to learn from Phil Hahn – one of the nation’s most successful real estate mentors — is a privilege few receive. I’m also excited about the technology background available through eXp. While the rest of the market is struggling to find ways to conduct business online, eXp continues to operate at peak efficiency, helping its agents list and sell homes for their clients safely."
Shaun Donnellan
Top Realtor
"Shaun’s professional approach, gentle demeanour, and genuine concern for the needs of his clients have helped him consistently outperform his peers in all of his previous roles. We are very excited to be part of Shaun’s future, and we’re confident that he will quickly rise to the top in our competitive industry."
Phil Hahn
... on Shaun Donnellan
"Over 27 years in real estate as a highly awarded top producer, I’d been involved with four different brokerages. When Randy called me about eXp, I'd never heard of the company but found myself intrigued by the concept and platform. After two weeks of discussions, I was convinced. A forward moving company outpacing its competition using a model that rewards agents with shares – I finally joined, and my only regret is that I didn’t make the move years earlier! Talented, hard-working people and ahead-of-the-game technology make success inevitable. Honestly, and humbly, I am thankful to be part of such a great organization!"
Annette Denk
Top Realtor
"Annette is a Top Producing agent that loves to add value to others. In real estate, no matter if you're new or a seasoned veteran you need someone in your corner. Annette is that person, willing to give her time, expertise, and of course her incredible knowledge of how to be a successful agent."
Randy Dyck
... on Annete Denk
"Joining eXp is one of the smartest decisions I've made in almost 30 years of being a Realtor.  It's so refreshing to be part of a successful company that actually 'walks their talk'.  I love the inclusiveness of diversity, the amazing positive energy of both staff and Realtors, the incredible opportunities available for growth and betterment - and don't even get me started about the amazing stock program - what a game changer!!"
How to Become a Real Estate Agent
Rob Hoffman
Real Estate Industry Professional
"Rob has been working along side me for over 10 years now. I can't say enough about his skill, care, and commitment to the craft of being a realtor. Rob is not only a successful agent but a great guy that I am honored to have as a partner and friend.  "
Randy Dyck
... on Rob Hoffman


Take action right now — not tomorrow.

If any of this resonates with you, then do yourself a favour and submit the form below to set up an introduction call with Phil and Randy. Let them get a better understanding of your situation, and they’ll walk you through the steps of joining eXp, answer your questions, and help pave the way towards reaching your business and lifestyle goals.

You'll also get access to a slide deck with more information about eXp Realty.


Talking with Phil & Randy won’t cost you a dime — they’re here to help guide the next generation of successful Realtors, just like their mentors did for them. They have both achieved great success throughout their careers, and really believe in the systems that eXp Realty have built.

Obviously, they’re busy and value their time greatly, so while they’re consulting/mentorship with you is free, they do receive revenue share from agents they sponsor into eXp Realty — and although their compensation is related to your performance at eXp, it isn’t taken out of your commissions, it’s paid for by eXp Realty. This means they are also highly incentivized to mentor you and make sure you are successful; it’s a lucrative win-win scenario. And eventually, you can learn from your experience with Phil and Randy and help sponsor other agents into eXp yourself!

eXp Realty has agents in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Portugal, France, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong, Colombia, Spain, Israel, Panama, Germany, Dominican Republic, Greece and New Zealand.

Yes, an active real estate license is required to join eXp Realty as an agent.

First of all: No desk fees, royalty fees, or franchise fees!

Canada agent fees (CDN):

  • $199 start-up fee
  • $139/month cloud brokerage fee

Canada agent transaction fees (CDN):

  • $29/transaction broker review fee
  • $17/transaction risk management fee ($200 annual cap, may vary by area)

Commission & Cap:

  • 80/20 commission split
  • $16,000 cap, after which you earn 100% commission for the remainder of anniversary year1

1 $285 capped transaction fee. Once capped transaction fees total $5,700, the capped transaction fee is reduced to $75.

U.S. agent fees (USD):

  • $149 start-up fee
  • $85/month cloud brokerage fee

U.S. agent transaction fees (USD):

  • $25/transaction broker review fee
  • $40/transaction risk management fee ($500 annual cap)

Commission & Cap:

  • 80/20 commission split
  • $16,000 cap, after which you earn 100% commission for the remainder of anniversary year1

1 $250 capped transaction fee. Once capped transaction fees total $5,000, the capped transaction fee is reduced to $75.

eXp provides a learning platform to newly licensed agents. The eXpand Mentoring Program provides newly licensed agents a learning platform where they will gain the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. Each mentee is paired with a certified eXp mentor who is a member of the same local geographic area.

Individual agents, teams and independent brokerages of all sizes are joining eXp.

Us! Contact Phil or Randy by filling out the form above, or give us a call: 604-807-4366


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