6 Tips to Stay Motivated In a Virtual Workplace Environment

Staying focused in a virtual workplace isn’t always easy. A unique mindset and supportive tools are required to maintain consistent motivation when working from home. These concepts are well understood by members of eXp Realty brokerage, the fastest-growing virtual real estate brokerage in the world. For years, eXp has thrived while existing solely online because of its unique and innovative business model

When looking for ways to stay motivated while adapting to a virtual workplace, take a look at tips from some of the top real estate agents who have fully embraced the benefits and nuances of the remote work life.

Define Your Workspace

Carve out an area in your home that’s sole purpose is for conducting work and business. If your living space doesn’t have obvious room for an official workspace, get creative. Ideally, find a space where you are less likely to encounter sources of distractions such as the kitchen, living room, or entertainment areas.

Some ideas for allocating space for a virtual workspace can include:

  • Convert a closet into an office space.
  • Use a bedroom that’s used minimally during work hours.
  • Laundry room
  • Garage
  • Deck or patio

Set A Schedule

A benefit of the virtual workspace is being able to create a schedule around your individual needs. Working from home affords a greater level of flexibility, however, committing to an established schedule is essential. When creating a work schedule that you can stick to, be sure it’s compatible with both your and your employer’s needs. 

Having a schedule that clearly defines your work life is vital to create a virtual work environment where you can thrive.

Get the Right Tech Support

Having reliable technology at your fingertips goes a long way to keeping you motivated and focused when working remotely. When the tools you need to work with are operating optimally, the easier it is to focus on the tasks at hand.

Three key elements of maintaining a smooth-running home office include:

  • Fast and reliable internet connection.
  • Easy-to-use software.
  • Up-to-date electronic devices.

In Canada, many costs associated with setting up a home office for remote work can be reported as an income tax deduction.

Find A Supportive Team

Knowing your co-workers have your back is always important, regardless of what location you happen to conduct business. Belonging to an organization that understands the unique challenges of the virtual workplace will easily help keep yourself motivated and optimistic.

For example, real estate agents switching from a traditional brokerage model to eXp Realty’s virtual agency are provided with an impressive suite of online tools to expand and grow their success as a realtor.

Engage in Online Networking

Working from home should never feel like an isolating experience. Innovations in information technology are enabling people to network with clients, fellow professionals, and prospective customers from their remote office environment. When you’re better able to connect with like-minded professionals, colleagues, and clients you’re more likely to find your work rewarding and remain engaged.

For examples of benefits realtors glean from online networking, read this article.

Set Boundaries

When you’re part of a virtual workplace, it’s not easy to physically separate your work life from your home life. 

To avoid burnout when working from home, set boundaries that aim to prevent the two worlds from interacting as much as possible. Examples of boundaries to incorporate when working or learning from home include:

  • Take regular breaks from work and engage in physical activity.
  • Set times to stop work.
  • Allow yourself to be social and participate in a hobby.
  • Arrange childcare for when you’re working.
  • Turn off your cell phone when not working.

High Growth Life: The Virtual Workplace Experts

At High Growth Life, we know the challenges of working remotely are real. We also know the hurdles of a traditional, in-person, work environment are equally as hard. But, neither are insurmountable. We’ve overcome obstacles in both work environments and have found meaningful success, wealth, and a consistent work-life balance. 

We’ve also learned from this journey that motivation and determination have taken us farther and provided us more opportunities for success in a virtual workplace than a traditional in-person workplace.  To find out more about how we’ve managed to thrive as realtors in a remote work environment, contact Phil and Randy at High Growth Life.

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Phil Hahn

Phil Hahn

Phil Hahn didn’t become a top 1% REALTOR® by following the status quo and sticking to the same old script. He did it by recognizing opportunities, creating connections, and giving 110% to every client, every day. Unsatisfied with being the best of the best, Phil sought new challenges and discovered eXp Realty. After reviewing the numbers and long-term strategy, he recognized the fledgling brokerage’s potential and joined them as a mentor. Using the tools, processes, and advanced technology of eXp, Phil is actively working with high-performing real estate agents in Canada and the United States to help them succeed in their business and excel in their market.


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