6 YouTube Channels Realtors Should Be Watching

You may think that binging YouTube videos may not be the best way for realtors to grow their business. However, with more than 2 billion monthly users, YouTube has become home to much more than viral cat videos in recent years. For example, there are thousands of sales, marketing, and investment tip-related options for real estate agents to view. 

Considering that more than 74% of Americans regularly login to the popular video-sharing platform, it should come as no surprise that YouTube videos exist which offer property agents real value. Several YouTubers share informative real estate tips, advice, and expert knowledge that can help you increase sales. And subscribing is free.

Which ones should a highly-driven realtor invest their limited free minutes watching? Are there certain channels with more marketing, lead generation, and business growth tips than others? The answer is yes. Today we’re sharing six of our team’s  favourite YouTube channels that new and established realtors can gain real benefits from watching.

1. The Mike Ferry Organization

Mike Ferry, well-known in North America for his real estate training and coaching programs, has a YouTube channel that real estate agents of all stages in their career can benefit from. Popular topics covered in these videos include:

  • Selling real estate fundamentals
  • Professional development
  • Customer service skills

New and experienced property brokers will gain valuable training and tips from following Mike Ferry’s YouTube channel.

2. Ryan Serhant

YouTube channels for realtors

Ryan Serhant is a very successful broker in New York City. His YouTube channel is great because it’s fun to watch and is seeded with great tips and lessons real estate agents can learn from.

Tours of multi-million dollar properties, celebrity homes, and interviews with successful entrepreneurs make the foundation for his multiple video series. Plus, his affable nature and down-to-earth attitude make his videos enjoyable to watch.

Realtors wanting an inside view of the high-end residential estate agent life should follow Ryan Serhant’s YouTube channel.  

3. Loida Velasquez

Loida Velasquez, a real estate agent in Southern California, creates YouTube content geared towards new and potential real estate brokers. Loida’s videos share lead generation tips, secrets every new realtor should know, and sales strategies.

She has almost 70K subscribers and is one of the few female agents taking advantage of the YouTube platform to grow their business.

Loida’s videos are great to watch because she is well spoken and provides quality information that less experienced realtors can learn from. Her information is current and can keep seasoned real estate agents up-to-date with developing industry trends.

Loida Velasquez’s YouTube channel is ideal for women, new agents, and lead-generation seekers.

4. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a best-selling author, businessman, motivational speaker, and real estate investor whose YouTube channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers. 

The real estate investing playlist on Grant Cardone’s channel is particularly interesting to real estate agents looking to diversify revenue streams as it contains almost 200 episodes that feature investing strategies to grow wealth.

Real estate agents who tune in to Grant’s YouTube videos can expect content that’s motivational and educational.

5. Bryan Casella

More than 178k subscribers tune in to Bryan Casella’s YouTube channel for sales strategies, marketing tips, and high-end lifestyle living tips. His videos can provide value to real estate agents wanting to improve their client-relationship skills, entrepreneur tactics, and mindset.

Three of the top-viewed videos on Bryan Casella’s YouTube channel that we love are:

6. Ricky Carruth

Realtor training tips

Ricky Carruth is a real estate agent in Alabama who offers YouTube viewers his real estate coaching services for free. He has nearly 60K subscribers to his channel and he creates new content for active listing agents every week. 

Ricky’s live cold calling sessions get thousands of views each month and are why we have chosen to feature his channel in our list. His “28 Day Real Estate Challenge” video series helps those in his free training series work through the program.

Ricky’s YouTube channel is here.

Realtors – Start Your High Growth Life Today!

Living the dream of wealth, freedom, and financial security isn’t limited to  the YouTube stars featured in today’s blog article. At High Growth Life we help real estate professionals find their path to serious business growth and success. Find out more by browsing our website or connecting with our team.

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Phil Hahn

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