Why Every Realtor Should Use Email Marketing in 2021 & Beyond

Email marketing tips for realtors

Email marketing is highly effective for realtors. It provides a novel and efficient way to engage and connect with clients and associates. It is a tool an agent should view as a tremendous opportunity to support and grow their business.   Fortunately, starting an email marketing strategy is relatively easy, inexpensive, and efficient.  Another benefit realtors […]

5 Reasons Realtors Thrive In a Virtual Workplace


Realtors are continually looking for better ways to connect with clients and co-workers. Not surprisingly, communicating with other real estate co-workers can be genuinely challenging for many real estate professionals. This is most likely because a real estate agent’s life is in flux due to its bond to the everchanging housing market.  But, connecting with […]

6 YouTube Channels Realtors Should Be Watching

Real estate agent Tips

You may think that binging YouTube videos may not be the best way for realtors to grow their business. However, with more than 2 billion monthly users, YouTube has become home to much more than viral cat videos in recent years. For example, there are thousands of sales, marketing, and investment tip-related options for real […]

Top Agents are Flocking to Virtual Real Estate Brokerages – Find Out Why

Virtual Real Estate Brokerage Agent

Traditional, brick and mortar real estate agencies are increasingly less relevant in today’s fast-paced property industry. Innovations in technology, coupled with an increasing demand for remote communications, are shifting how realtors run their business. And, the brokerage they choose to align with is rapidly changing.  Top brokers selecting to embrace a virtual real estate brokerage […]