Top Agents are Flocking to Virtual Real Estate Brokerages – Find Out Why

Traditional, brick and mortar real estate agencies are increasingly less relevant in today’s fast-paced property industry. Innovations in technology, coupled with an increasing demand for remote communications, are shifting how realtors run their business. And, the brokerage they choose to align with is rapidly changing

Top brokers selecting to embrace a virtual real estate brokerage lifestyle are reaping impressive financial and professional rewards.

In addition to lower operating costs, flexible hours, and increased financial security, real estate professionals discover several other enticing benefits upon switching to a virtual real estate brokerage model. In this article, we’re sharing what makes the cloud-based brokerage system better at helping realtors achieve even greater levels of success.

How a Virtual Real Estate Brokerage Offers Agents Unlimited Growth Potential

Crawling up the ranks of a traditional brokerage system is a formidable challenge. Low commission rates, high start-up costs, and minimal growth potential are hurdles new agents encounter when starting a real estate industry career. 

However, these challenges can be side-stepped when an agent joins a virtual brokerage, such as eXp Realty. In a cloud-based brokerage system, an agent’s opportunity for unlimited growth is suddenly at their fingertips. 

The Middle Man is Removed

Virtual real estate agencies do more for agents than move their business to an online platform. They also eliminate the layers of middlemen designed to keep commission royalties in a brokerage owner’s pockets.

For example, Canadian eXp Realty agents earn 100% commission once reaching a low annual commission cap. Before reaching that goal, agents and brokers keep an impressive 80% of their earnings in a commission split.

Agency Owner Benefits Become a Reality

To make serious money as a real estate agent, an agent should seek to become an agency owner-operator. However, the amount of time, money and effort required to build a successful property agency has traditionally been a long and painstaking process. 

A virtual real estate company reduces the time and investment required for agents to reap similar benefits as those who are agency owners. This is done by putting all real estate agents on equal footing and enabling them to grow their business – regardless of experience or office rank.

Cloud-Based eXp Realty Provides Opportunity for Residual Income

How a real estate professional survives downturns in the real estate market often makes or breaks their ability to remain a real estate broker. And, virtual cloud-based eXp Realty helps agents weather the slow times by providing opportunities to earn residual income. 

Income stability options at eXp Realty include:

  • Revenue sharing
  • Stock equity programs
  • Convert commission to stock options

Agents at eXp Realty’s Virtual Real Estate Brokerage Earn More

Fair commission fees and attainable financial incentives are clear reasons why agents are leaping over to eXp Realty’s progressive business model. The potential to earn more while working at the same pace should be highly desirable for all real estate professionals seeking growth opportunities.

This is one reason why cloud-based brokerages are experiencing explosive growth!

Virtual Real Estate Agents Spend Less 

Operating costs for agents usually eat up a generous portion of income earnings. Agents who join a virtual real estate brokerage can considerably cut back on their overhead and operating expenses.

How Realtors Reduce Business Expenses with eXp Realty

  • No desk fees.
  • Zero royalty fees.
  • Zero franchise fees and dues.
  • Free In-house training and networking opportunities.

Virtual Brokerages Provide Smart Training Options

Professional development is crucial for realty professionals to maintain their skills and continuously increase profit margins. However, many training programs are costly and not conducive to a realtor’s demanding schedule.

Virtual brokerages often offer online training programs that are easily accessible and available 24 hours a day. This makes it easier than ever for realtors to remain current with new developments in the fast-paced property industry.

Is a Virtual Real Estate Brokerage In Your Future?

More comfortable working conditions, more opportunities for growth, and a supportive community are just a few of the reasons why thousands of agents are opting out of old-school real estate agencies and joining virtual brokerages. To transition to a better, smarter, and more successful way to run your real estate business, contact Randy and Phil at HighGrowthLife.

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Phil Hahn

Phil Hahn

Phil Hahn didn’t become a top 1% REALTOR® by following the status quo and sticking to the same old script. He did it by recognizing opportunities, creating connections, and giving 110% to every client, every day. Unsatisfied with being the best of the best, Phil sought new challenges and discovered eXp Realty. After reviewing the numbers and long-term strategy, he recognized the fledgling brokerage’s potential and joined them as a mentor. Using the tools, processes, and advanced technology of eXp, Phil is actively working with high-performing real estate agents in Canada and the United States to help them succeed in their business and excel in their market.


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