Are traditional brokerages limiting your potential?

Are you ready to out grow the middle man? To lift your potential even higher, and to fashion your dream life as a real estate professional?

Meet Phil Hahn and Randy Dyck, the Top 1% of real estate agents worldwide. With over 50 years in the business, they’re here to help you achieve the personal & professional growth you desire!

In our FREE webinar, learn how eXp facilitates:

High Levels of Financial Freedom

  • Eliminate the expenses and restrictions of a physical location
  • Global networking
  • Designed and developed by top-performing agents to be as efficient as possible
  • Mentorship and support to attain your goals
  • Ownership means you control your time, your future and your success

Unlimited Professional Growth

  • Lower fees
  • More commission
  • Ownership through stock and equity awards, and revenue sharing
  • Stay on top of the latest trends in real estate through professional mentorship, networks and technology

Life Changing

  • Ever-increasing financial success
  • Supportive working environment
  • Less hassle
  • Better rewards


About Us

Phil Hahn

Randy Dyck

Phil and Randy are Here to Help You Build Your High Growth Life

eXp Realty starts by cutting out the middle man. By streamlining the process, you get the share you deserve. Our cloud-based brokerage model means that High rewards, Growth and a Life of freedom are only the beginning.

By embracing cutting-edge technology, we have become a global community that is designed, energized, and owned by our agents and partners.

We empower our agents with equity and stock awards, world-class education and technology, supplemental income opportunities, and strategic partnerships. Our agents’ businesses have seen explosive growth, making eXp the fastest growing brokerage in the world. We all win together.

Are you ready to take your real estate career to the next level?

Enroll in our free webinar, and learn how to take your goals even Higher, Grow even further, and see how eXp Realty can change your LIFE!


Hear from Realtors we've sponsored into eXp Realty...

"On the financial side, eXp Realty makes sense for me and my family. It took over six months of serious consideration because I was skeptical of the promises I was hearing about eXp, as well as the trash-talking that was going around other brokerages. When I sat down and looked at the whole package, the stock rewards, payment structure, and lack of brokerage fees meant my family could keep more of what we earn, but it was the technology that really sold me on the cloud-based realty concept. Resources, like kvCore and IDX and lead-capture integration for my website, supported by the training and mentorship from gurus like Phil Hahn, means I’ll have everything I need to help my clients buy or sell their homes quickly and easily."
Ian Fraser
Top Realtor
"Ian has developed remarkably well as a REALTOR® since he first got his license two years ago. He’s phenomenal at putting his clients at ease, so they can be comfortable throughout the process, and his passion and focus on marketing — enhanced by the tools and resources made possible through eXp Realty — will help him become a top performer in no time."
Phil Hahn
... on Ian Fraser
“I chose eXp Realty because of the mentorship and guidance they offer. I’m extremely grateful for the overwhelming support and assistance I’ve received from Glen Sanford and Darren Jacklin, and the opportunity to learn from Phil Hahn – one of the nation’s most successful real estate mentors — is a privilege few receive. I’m also excited about the technology background available through eXp. While the rest of the market is struggling to find ways to conduct business online, eXp continues to operate at peak efficiency, helping its agents list and sell homes for their clients safely."
Shaun Donnellan
Top Realtor
"Shaun’s professional approach, gentle demeanour, and genuine concern for the needs of his clients have helped him consistently outperform his peers in all of his previous roles. We are very excited to be part of Shaun’s future, and we’re confident that he will quickly rise to the top in our competitive industry."
Phil Hahn
... on Shaun Donnellan
"Over 27 years in real estate as a highly awarded top producer, I’d been involved with four different brokerages. When Randy called me about eXp, I'd never heard of the company but found myself intrigued by the concept and platform. After two weeks of discussions, I was convinced. A forward moving company outpacing its competition using a model that rewards agents with shares – I finally joined, and my only regret is that I didn’t make the move years earlier! Talented, hard-working people and ahead-of-the-game technology make success inevitable. Honestly, and humbly, I am thankful to be part of such a great organization!"
Annette Denk
Top Realtor
"Annette is a Top Producing agent that loves to add value to others. In real estate, no matter if you're new or a seasoned veteran you need someone in your corner. Annette is that person, willing to give her time, expertise, and of course her incredible knowledge of how to be a successful agent."
Randy Dyck
... on Annete Denk
"Joining eXp is one of the smartest decisions I've made in almost 30 years of being a Realtor.  It's so refreshing to be part of a successful company that actually 'walks their talk'.  I love the inclusiveness of diversity, the amazing positive energy of both staff and Realtors, the incredible opportunities available for growth and betterment - and don't even get me started about the amazing stock program - what a game changer!!"
How to Become a Real Estate Agent
Rob Hoffman
Real Estate Industry Professional
"Rob has been working along side me for over 10 years now. I can't say enough about his skill, care, and commitment to the craft of being a realtor. Rob is not only a successful agent but a great guy that I am honored to have as a partner and friend.  "
Randy Dyck
... on Rob Hoffman

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