Why the Future of Real Estate is Cloud-Based Brokerage

Realtors in 2020 have more options than ever before to reach potential clients and sales opportunities. Thanks to advances in technology, staying on the real estate industry’s pulse is easy, convenient, and streamlined. However, new mobile-friendly advantages have also brought along some unique challenges.

For example, realtors can now easily do business in multiple geographic locations making the market more competitive. Real estate professionals must adapt to them to remain successful in the future. This is where joining a brokerage with cloud-based technology can elevate your real estate business for long term sustainability.

What is a Cloud-Based Brokerage?

A cloud-based brokerage functions similarly to a traditional real estate office, except it exists entirely online. It is a virtual office environment and is accessible from almost anywhere, as long as a reliable internet connection is available. This means realtors can access their business from anywhere, at any time, and from nearly any electronic device.

Key Characteristics of a Cloud Based Real Estate Firm:

  • No desk fees
  • No royalty fees
  • Access to a global community
  • Access to leading technology

Why Should a Realtor Join a Cloud-Based Brokerage?

Established and new real estate professionals can benefit from connecting with a cloud-based brokerage for several lucrative reasons. Increased profitability, access to top industry speakers, and support from a like-minded community are benefits real estate agents can expect to experience by joining a virtual real estate office.

To better understand why an online real estate experience is becoming the future of owning a profitable real estate business, we’ve summarized a few interesting points.

Instantly Increase Earning Potential

When realtors become part of a virtual brokerage, such as eXp Realty, they instantly cut costs required to run their business. And, they increase the number of commission monies that stays in their pocket. This is possible because:

  • Pay zero fees. No desk, royalty or franchise fees.
  • Keep more commission. 
  • Receive revenue shares.

Community Connections

Successful realtors know that growing your business requires cultivating relationships with clients and fellow industry professionals. Strong connections to people and other agents help to solidify an agent’s reputation in the marketplace. 

 A cloud-based brokerage connect agents with a global network of supportive and innovative peers and business owners. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for agents to network and access valuable resources not common in a traditional office environment.

Continual Professional Development

The real estate industry is always evolving. And, agents that continually earn top dollar often do so partly because they stay on top of developing trends and strategies. Accessing realtor training seminars and workshops isn’t cheap, and the cost often prevents less experienced realtors from accessing valuable knowledge. 

eXp Realty’s cloud-based brokerage provides all agents access to their industry-leading information and training seminars. This helps new and experienced real estate brokers get the upper hand in the cutthroat world of real estate.

How Can an Agent Join a Virtual Brokerage?

Before an agent can join a virtual or cloud-based, brokerage they should learn if switching to a new business model is right for them. Are they able to work remotely? Will they be comfortable giving up office space at a traditional firm? Can they adapt and develop a professional online presence? These questions, and more, can be quickly answered by reaching out to an existing agent with an established and successful virtual business.

For more information about becoming part of the eXp Realty community, contact Randy and Phil today.

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Phil Hahn

Phil Hahn

Phil Hahn didn’t become a top 1% REALTOR® by following the status quo and sticking to the same old script. He did it by recognizing opportunities, creating connections, and giving 110% to every client, every day. Unsatisfied with being the best of the best, Phil sought new challenges and discovered eXp Realty. After reviewing the numbers and long-term strategy, he recognized the fledgling brokerage’s potential and joined them as a mentor. Using the tools, processes, and advanced technology of eXp, Phil is actively working with high-performing real estate agents in Canada and the United States to help them succeed in their business and excel in their market.


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