6 Tips to Stay Motivated In a Virtual Workplace Environment

virtual workplace motivational tips

Staying focused in a virtual workplace isn’t always easy. A unique mindset and supportive tools are required to maintain consistent motivation when working from home. These concepts are well understood by members of eXp Realty brokerage, the fastest-growing virtual real estate brokerage in the world. For years, eXp has thrived while existing solely online because […]

Top Agents are Flocking to Virtual Real Estate Brokerages – Find Out Why

Virtual Real Estate Brokerage Agent

Traditional, brick and mortar real estate agencies are increasingly less relevant in today’s fast-paced property industry. Innovations in technology, coupled with an increasing demand for remote communications, are shifting how realtors run their business. And, the brokerage they choose to align with is rapidly changing.  Top brokers selecting to embrace a virtual real estate brokerage […]

How Did eXp Realty Get Its Name?

how exp realty got its name

In this video, eXp Realty CEO Glenn Sanford provides some background around the organization that puts realtors first and how it got its name.

Intro to eXp (Canada + USA)

eXp Realty Canada intro

Watch this helpful video to get an overview of eXp Canada. Watch this helpful video to get an overview of eXp USA.

Top 5 Proven Strategies for Realtors to Increase Profits in 2021

Realtor Success Tips

North America’s real estate industry has been through several dramatic twists, turns, and overall turbulent conditions throughout most of 2020. However, most realtors are well-adapted to surging highs and tumbling lows inherent to the property market. Success in the real estate industry is largely founded on core principles that don’t change, no matter how challenging […]