5 Things Top Realtors Expect From Their Brokerage

what to expect from your brokerage

Successful realtors should expect to receive adequate support and training from their brokerage. After all, without the dedication and drive from a suite of prominent real estate agents, a brokerage firm cannot maintain record-breaking success for long.  This is why realtors should always expect specific provisions and benefits to be provided by their brokerage. A […]

Realtors: Are You Maximizing Your Return on Life

return on life for realtors

Success in the real estate industry is dominated by the commission an agent earns in any given year. It’s no secret that the property business is a highly competitive industry and there are few meaningful KPIs beyond ROI. How much a realtor hustles, networks, or carefully balances their work with family life ultimately means nothing […]

6 Tips to Stay Motivated In a Virtual Workplace Environment

virtual workplace motivational tips

Staying focused in a virtual workplace isn’t always easy. A unique mindset and supportive tools are required to maintain consistent motivation when working from home. These concepts are well understood by members of eXp Realty brokerage, the fastest-growing virtual real estate brokerage in the world. For years, eXp has thrived while existing solely online because […]

Why Every Realtor Should Use Email Marketing in 2021 & Beyond

Email marketing tips for realtors

Email marketing is highly effective for realtors. It provides a novel and efficient way to engage and connect with clients and associates. It is a tool an agent should view as a tremendous opportunity to support and grow their business.   Fortunately, starting an email marketing strategy is relatively easy, inexpensive, and efficient.  Another benefit realtors […]

Online Networking: 4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Pursue Virtual Connections

Online Networking

Real estate agents with years of property sales experience know the intrinsic value of networking. Not only does professional networking provide connections within the real estate industry itself, but it can also be a powerful catalyst for cultivating new clients and generating qualified leads. When looking to optimize networking opportunities in 2021, agents and brokers […]

Avoid These 4 Common Pitfalls of Real Estate Agency Life

Real Estate Agent

Of the many compelling reasons to become a real estate agent, the potential to make a high income tops the list for most. Not to mention those flexible work hours and the thrill of being in a fast-paced industry, which are also highly attractive. However, not all aspects of the job are perfectly rose-coloured. In […]

5 Reasons Realtors Thrive In a Virtual Workplace


Realtors are continually looking for better ways to connect with clients and co-workers. Not surprisingly, communicating with other real estate co-workers can be genuinely challenging for many real estate professionals. This is most likely because a real estate agent’s life is in flux due to its bond to the everchanging housing market.  But, connecting with […]

Is Becoming a Real Estate Agent Right For You?

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Buying and selling property is big business. Real estate is a global industry that can be tremendously profitable for real estate agents. Trained agents with the passion and dedication for moving the industry forward earn great financial benefits. While a career in real estate isn’t for everyone, for the right individual becoming a real estate […]